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Foreword by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Introduction. The Road to Universal Health Coverage: Progress, Prospects, and the Private Sector
Jeffrey L. Sturchio and Louis Galambos
Chapter 1. Conceptualizing the Health Economy
Ilona Kickbusch and Christian Franz
Chapter 2. The Relationship between Health Employment and Economic Growth
Pascal Zurn, Jim Campbell, Jeremy Lauer, Ibadat Dhillon, Tana Wuliji, and Jean-Louis Arcand
Chapter 3. Engagement of the Private Sector in Advancing Universal Health Coverage: Understanding and Navigating Major Factors for Success
Nathan J. Blanchet, Adeel Ishtiaq, and Cicely Thomas
Chapter 4. Innovative Initiatives from the Private Sector: What Have the Experiences Been? What Opportunities Lie Ahead, and How Can They Be Harnessed More Effectively?
Donika Dimovska and John Campbell, Jr.
Chapter 5. Healthy Women, Healthy Economies: Essential Facets of Universal Health Coverage
Felicia Marie Knaul, Belén Garijo, Christine Bugos, Héctor Arreola-Ornelas, and Yasmine Rouai
Chapter 6. Reframing the Pharmaceutical Sector Contribution to Access to Medicines and Universal Health Coverage: A Business Ethics Perspective
Michael Fürst
Chapter 7. Private Sector Joins the Trek on India's Meandering Path to Universal Health Coverage
K. Srinath Reddy
Chapter 8. A Reality Check: Sierra Leone, the Private Sector, Sustainable Development Goal 3, and Universal Health Coverage
Sowmya Kadandale and Robert Marten
9. How Can the Private Sector Help Countries to Achieve Quality, Sustainable Universal Health Coverage? Pfizer's Fight against Chronic Diseases
Justin McCarthy and Snow Yang
10. Novartis Social Business: A Novel Approach to Expanding Health Care in Developing Countries
Harald Nusser
Conclusion: The Outlook for Universal Health Coverage and the New Health Economy
Christian Franz, Louis Galambos, Ilona Kickbusch, and Jeffrey L. Sturchio
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The Road to Universal Health Coverage
Innovation, Equity, and the New Health Economy
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