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Table Of Contents

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Chapter 1. A History of Small Animal Road Ecology
Chapter 2. Natural History and Physiological Characteristics of Small Animals in Relation to Roads
Chapter 3. Direct Effects of Roads on Small Animal Populations
Chapter 4. Road Effects on Habitat Quality for Small Animals
Chapter 5. Engaging the Public in the Transportation Planning Process
Chapter 6. The Current Planning and Design Process
Chapter 7. Sources of Funding
Practical Example 1
Chapter 8. Planning and Designing Mitigation of Road Effects on Small Animals
Chapter 9. Mitigating Road Effects on Small Animals
Chapter 10. Modifying Structures on Existing Roads to Enhance Wildlife Passage
Chapter 11. Construction and Maintenance
Chapter 12. Monitoring Road Effects and Mitigation Measures and Applying Adaptive Management
Practical Example 2
Chapter 13. The Road Ahead