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The Roman Gaze

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The Roman Gaze

Vision, Power, and the Body

The Roman Gaze: Vision, Power, and the Body uses the concept of "the gaze" to examine literary, visual, and material evidence that reveals the contribution of ancient Rome to the development of Western culture. Contributors draw upon a wide range of theoretical methods, using visual and body theory from various fields and period specializations. Topics include violence and gender in Senecan theater, literary representations of erotic love within a hierarchical and violent Rome, and the differing appeal of artistic depictions designed for visual consumption by both genders. Boldly interdisciplinary, The Roman Gaze will interest readers in history, classics, literature, art, and cinema.

Contributors: Carlin Barton, Cindy Benton, John R. Clarke, Anthony Corbeill, Katherine Owen Eldred, David Fredrick, Pamela Gordon, Zahra Newby, and Alison R. Sharrock.

The Roman Gaze
Vision, Power, and the Body
Publication Date: 18 Nov 2002
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 352 pages
Illustrations: 16 halftones, 10 line drawings
ISBN: 9780801869617