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Table Of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Pregame Analysis
Part I: Every Era Has Its Greats
1. The Era of Constant Change, 1876-1892: The Age of Dan Brouthers
2. The Live Ball Interval, 1893-1900: The Age of Ed Delahanty
3. The Dead Ball Era, 1901-1920: The Age of Ty Cobb
4. The Live Ball Ea, 1921-1941: The Age of Babe Ruth
5. The Live Ball Continued Era, 1942-1962: The Age of Ted Williams
6. The Dead Ball Interval, 1963-1976: The Age of Hank Aaron
7. The Live Ball Revived Era, 1977-1992: The Age of Mike Schmidt
8. The Live Ball Enhanced Era, 1993-2009: The Age of Uncertainty
Part II: The Ultimate Lineup Card
9. Fielding a Team of Great Hitters
10. The Table Setters
11. The Table Clearers
Part III: Hot Stove League Favorites Revisted
12. Left on Base
13. Whatever Happened to the Triple Crown?
Postgame Report
Appendix: Using the BPPA Formula in Fantasy Baseball Leagues