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Table Of Contents

Part I. The First Generation
Chapter 1. The World of Emigration in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Chapter 2. N.I. Turgenev: The First Political Emigre
Chapter 3. I.G. Golovin: Emigre Individualism
Chapter 4. N.I. Sazonov: Marx's First Russian Follower
Chapter 5. P.V. Dolgorukov: The Republican Prince
Chapter 6. Perspectives on the First Generation
Part II. The Second Generation
Chapter 7. The Origins of Collective Action Abroad
Chapter 8. A. A. Semo-Solov' evich: Beyond Herzen
Chapter 9. On the Eve: Toward the Development of Ideology
Chapter 10. N. I. Utin: Emigre Internationalism
Part III. The Turning Point
Chapter 11. The Russian Emigre Press: In the Shadows of Kolokol
Chapter 12. The Emigration and Revolution
A. Regulations for the Aid of Political Exiles from Russia, 13 December 1855 (Geneva)
B. Police Surveillance at Herzen's House in London, 1862
C. The League of Peace and Freedom, 1867-1868
D. Natalie Herzen's Dream, 1869