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"Baughman's study is interesting from a policy point of view... it is also evocative as a spin through the index will show."

"Baughman tells a familiar story—commerce crushes cultural aspiration—but he adds fresh and fascinating details from behind the scenes at the television networks. And he avoid nostalgia for a 'golden age' of television that never was."

"The period that Baughman covers is the 'golden age of television'—the much mourned era of dramas by Paddy Chayefsky and documentaries by Edward R. Murrow... Although Baughman is scrupulously respectful of the achievements of Weaver, Murrow, and other heroes of fifties television, he never misses a chance to offer up contrarian material."

"Though not the first study of this period, this is surely one of the more readable and insightful — and well documented."

"This book is full of interesting stories and facts. Summing Up: Essential."

"College-level collections strong in media history will find this an attractive addition... accessible even to lay readers."

"The most thorough, well-researched, and broad-ranging history of television we have to date... Baughman's achievement is a major one."

"Readers of Journalism History... are urged to read this book."

"A thought-provoking book... Does a masterful job of engaging the academic discourse and media theory."

"Same Time, Same Station is a scholarly pleasure to explore and should be in every university library where media studies are taken seriously."

"Baughman, a gifted historian and scholar, provides the reader with deep insight into television in the 1950s. Same Time, Same Station explains clearly how the roots of yesterday's television led to what we all see today. Baughman's balanced perspective illuminates our understanding of this most powerful voice in America."

"A fascinating, engrossing work that seamlessly traces how an object of curiosity became a medium that is both indispensable and inescapable. Baughman's scholarship is astonishing, his writing vivid and engaging."