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Sandlot Stats

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Sandlot Stats

Learning Statistics with Baseball

Sandlot Stats uses the national pastime to help students who love baseball learn—and enjoy—statistics.

As Derek Jeter strolls toward the plate, the announcer tosses out a smattering of statistics—from hitting streaks to batting averages. But what do the numbers mean? And how can America’s favorite pastime be a model for learning about statistics? Sandlot Stats is an innovative textbook that explains the mathematical underpinnings of baseball so that students can understand the world of statistics and probability.

Carefully illustrated and filled with exercises and examples, this book teaches the fundamentals of probability and statistics through the feats of baseball legends such as Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio, and Ted Williams—and more recent players such as Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols, and Alex Rodriguez. Exercises require only pen-and-paper or Microsoft Excel to perform the analyses.

Sandlot Stats covers all the bases, including
• descriptive and inferential statistics
• linear regression and correlation
• probability
• sports betting
• probability distribution functions
• sampling distributions
• hypothesis testing
• confidence intervals
• chi-square distribution

Sandlot Stats offers information covered in most introductory statistics books, yet is peppered with interesting facts from the history of baseball to enhance the interest of the student and make learning fun.