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Table Of Contents

List of Abbreviations
1. Basic Statistical Definitions
2. Descriptive Statistics for One Quantitative Variable
3. Descriptive Measures Used in Baseball
4. Comparing Two Quantitative Data Sets
5. Linear Regression and Correlation Analysis for Two Quantitative Variables
6. Descriptive Statistics Applied to Qualitative Variables
7. Probability
8. Sports Betting
9. Baseball and Traditional Descriptive Measures
10. Final Comparison of Batting Performance between Aaron and Bonds
11. Probability Distribution Functions for a Discrete Random Variable
12. Probability Density Functions for a Continuous Variable
13. Sampling Distributions
14. Confidence Intervals
15. Hypothesis Testing for One Population
16. Streaking
17. Mission Impossible: Batting.400 for a Season
18. Postseason
Appendix A: Hypothesis Testing for Two Population Proportions
Appendix B: The Chi-Square Distribution
Appendix C: Statistical Tables