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Table Of Contents

1. Innocence on the Road to Los Angeles (1948)
2. Who Gets Schizophrenia and Why?
3. Dining with Tension (1956)
4. Which Genes Cause Schizophrenia?
5. A Consultation with Dr. Held (1957)
6. Which Aspects of the Environment Cause Schizophrenia?
7. Breakdown in Westwood Village (1958)
8. Why Does Schizophrenia Begin in Late Adolescence?
9. Two State Hospitals (1959–1960)
10. What Are the Treatment Options?
11. A Conversation in a Park (1963)
12. Is Mental Illness in the Mind or in the Brain?
13. The Villa and the Ambassador (1982)
14. Why Is Schizophrenia Stigmatized?
15. Strolling the Boardwalk at Hermosa Beach (1993)
16. Just What Is Schizophrenia, Anyway?
17. Libraries and Literature (1995)
18. When Did Schizophrenia First Appear, and Why Doesn't It Go Away?
19. Jim's Final Days (1998–1999)
20. What Happens to People with Schizophrenia through the Years?
21. Reflections
Suggested Readings