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"An excellent contribution to college library world history and religious studies shelves."

"A thorough and exacting refutation of the idea that Orthodoxy rejects science outright."

"This book provides the English-speaking reader with invaluable insights and references which cover nearly a continuous two-thousand year period of interaction between faith and knowledge, science and technology. This book will certainly make a serious contribution to existing scholarship on the history of the relation between science and Christianity. It fills an essential, and inadmissible gap in research related to Byzantium, Eastern Europe, and Russia."

"Nicolaidis is well prepared to take on the difficult topic of science and Eastern Orthodoxy... The author lays an impressive foundation for future work... Highly recommended."

"Nicolaidis offers not only a hitherto missing reference work, but also a fundamental contribution to the history of medieval science – and a challenging reference for future debates."

"This is a very useful book to serve as supportive document for the teaching of the history of science and philosophy."

"The book is in general of the highest scholarly standard, and it will be a major resource for students and historians of science and religion for decades to come."