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Table Of Contents

1. The Activist and the Philosopher: The Hexaemerons of Basil and of Gregory of Nyssa
2. Two Conceptions of the World: The Schools of Antioch and Alexandria
3. No Icons, No Science: The End of a Tradition?
4. The Return for Greek Science: The First Byzantine Humanism
5. Struggle for Heritage: Science in Nicaea and the Byzantine Renaissance
6. Political Debates Become Scientific: The Era of the Palaiologos
7. True Knowledge and Ephemeral Knowledge: The Hesychast Debate
8. Ancients versus Moderns: Byzantium and Persian, Latin, and Jewish Sciences
9. The Fall of the Empire and the Exodus to Italy
10. A Rebel Patriarch: Cyril Lucaris and Orthodox Humanism inScience
11. Toward Russia: The Slavo-Greco-Latin Academy and the Patriarchate of Jerusalem
12. Who Were the Heirs of the Hellenes? Science and the Greek Enlightenment
13. The Scientifi c Modernization of an Orthodox State: Greece from Independence to the European Union
14. Science and Religion in the Greek State: Materialism and Darwinism
A Note on Secondary Sources
Selected Bibliography