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"The second edition of Gary Ferngren’s edited volume, Science and religion: a historical introduction, addresses a real need in the historiography and pedagogy of science and religion... the additions to the second edition of Ferngren’s Science and religion constitute a significant improvement."

"... there are plenty of quality contributions here to justify purchase by those looking for an overview of the field or as use within an undergraduate classroom..."

"This second edition is more expansive and more in tune with contemporary discussions... For those who wish to get a good overview of the present status of science and religion as viewed by contemporary historians of science, this is a good book. It could also serve as an intellectually challenging introduction for undergraduates in a science/religion course."

"Ferngren is to be commended for conveying the vitality and influence of science and religion through this series of excellent contributions from leading authors in the field."

"Ferngren offers us a selection of essays by leading specialists on the most important issues in the history of science and religion. I know of no other book that so gracefully introduces the reader to this burgeoning field."

"This work is both accessible and authoritative. Editors have taken pains to make sure the writing is consistently approachable and the scholarly depth of the individual contributors in certainly more than adequate to label this volume authoritative."