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Table Of Contents

Part I: Science and Religion: Conflict or Complexity?
1. Science and Religion
Stephen P. Weldon
Part II: The Premodern Period
2. Aristotle and Aristotelianism
Edward Grant and Craig Martin
3. Early Christian Attitudes toward Nature
David C. Lindberg and Gary B. Ferngren
4. Science and Religion in Medieval Latin Christendom
Michael H. Shank and David C. Lindberg
5. Islam
Alnoor Dhanani and Glen M. Cooper
Part III: The Scientific Revolution
6. The Copernican Revolution
Owen Gingerich
7. Galileo Galilei
Richard J. Blackwell and Michael H. Shank
8. Early Modern Protestantism
Edward B. Davis
9. Isaac Newton
Stephen Snobelen
10. Natural Theology
John Hedley Brooke
Part IV: Transformations in Geology, Biology, and Cosmology, 1650-1900
11. Geology and Paleontology from 1700 to 1900
Nicolaas A. Rupke
12. Natural History
Peter M. Hess and John Henry
13. Charles Darwin
James Moore
14. Evolution
Peter J. Bowler and John Henry
15. Cosmogonies
Ronald L. Numbers and Peter J. Susalla
Part V: The Response of Religious Traditions
16. The Bible and Science
John Stenhouse
17. Roman Catholicism since Trent
Steven J. Harris and Mariusz Tabaczek
18. Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism
Mark A. Noll and Christopher M. Rios
19. The Scopes Trial
Edward J. Larson
20. Judaism and Sciences
Noah Efron
21. Modern Western Science and Asian Traditions
Tomoko Yoshida and Stephen P. Weldon
22. Atheism
John Henry
Part VI: The Theological Implications of Modern Science
23. Physics
Richard Olson
24. Modern Cosmologies
Craig McConnell
25. Causation
John Henry and Mariusz Tabaczek
26. The Modern Synthesis in Evolution
Joshua M. Moritz
27. Anthropology
Timothy Larson
28. American Psychology
Matthew S. Hedstrom
29. Neuroscience and the Human Person
Alan C. Weissenbacher
30. Ecology and the Environment
David N. Livingstone and Diarmid A. Finnegan