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Table Of Contents

Part I.
1. Humankind Emerges
2. The Reign of the Farmer
3. Pharaohs and Engineers
4. Greeks Bearing Gifts
5. Alexandria and After
Part II.
6. The Enduring East
7. The Middle Kingdom
8. Indus, Ganges, and Beyond
9. The New World
Part III.
10. Plows, Stirrups, Guns, and Plagues
11. Copernicus Incites a Revolution
12. The Crime and Punishment of Galileo Galilei
13. "God said, 'Let Newton be!'"
Part IV.
14. Textiles, Timber, Coal, and Steam
15. Legacies of Revolution: From Newton toEinstein
16. Life Itself
17. Toolmakers Take Command
18. The New Aristotelians
19. The Bomb, the Internet, and the Genome
20. Under Today's Pharaohs
Guide to Resources
Illustration Credits