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"In considerable but lucid detail, three researchers from different fields address every aspect of the science behind orgasms, from why they feel so good to whether transsexual men with surgically created vaginas can have them."

"Approach the book with any question you can conjure about the whys and wherefores of orgasm and you'll receive a minutely detailed answer that incorporates findings from the latest sex research."

"Behind its tongue-in-cheek 'plain brown wrapper' cover, this unique book offers a thorough compilation of what modern science, from biomechanics to neurochemistry, knows about the secrets of orgasm."

"Those with real faith in science as an exit route from dysfunction might want to check out The Science of Orgasm."

"The authors cast gimlet eyes over such subjects as multiple and phantom orgasm, as well as the biological process and the effects of various drugs on it. A most stimulating read. "

"A neuroscientist, an endocrinologist and a sex researcher team up to create an impressively comprehensive book about orgasms. In intimate detail, authors Barry R. Komisaruk, Carlos Beyer-Flores and Beverly Whipple... discuss the history, mechanics, physiology and neurochemistry of this most mysterious of physical events."

"Twenty-five years after she made the G-Spot famous, Professor Beverly Whipple is still probing the mysteries of the female orgasm. She has shifted her focus higher up the body—to the brain—exploring the areas that light up when women climax."

"Important information about sexuality... Highly recommended."

"There are very few books on this subject area and the book is highly commended. It is certainly one to add to the personal library of clinicians working in human sexuality."

"This is a very easy book to read... There are very few books on this subject area and the book is highly recommended."

"A readable comprehensive account on the literature of orgasm. All psychosexual clinics will need to have a copy as well as anyone who advises others about psychosexual problems."

"The authors should be congratulated on taking the trouble to produce a readable comprehensive account of the literature on orgasm. All psychosexual clinics will need to have a copy as well as anyone who advises others about psychosexual problems."

"The book deserves its eye-catching title... An excellent, well-written assembly of the current scientific understanding of not only the phenomenon of orgasm but of sexual pleasure in general."

"Of the many aspects of our sexuality, the unique experience of orgasm remains the most mysterious. This intriguing book sheds light on that mystery and reveals what is known and unknown about the orgasmic process. Anyone with an interest in sexuality should own this book."

"Destined to be a classic in human sexuality. A comprehensive guide to one of life's greatest pleasures. A must read!"

"Orgasms are electrifying and mysterious. Why do orgasms feel so good? What inhibits them? Do men's and women's orgasms differ? How many kinds are there? Does aging affect orgasm? I was delighted to find the answers to these and many more questions in this engaging book. An intriguing read—that just might improve your health and change your life."

"As someone who has long cared about sexual health, I found this book to be of immense value. Well-written and enjoyable to read, this book lays out the bases for orgasm disorders, sexual problems, the effects of specific illnesses on orgasm, and how drugs and hormones affect the orgasmic process. With refreshing insights into what makes sexuality a healthy and pleasurable life process, this book belongs in the hands of anyone who wants to know more about this integral part of sexual health."