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Table Of Contents

1. Definitions of Orgasm
2. Different Nerves, Different Orgasmic Feelings
3. Bodily Changes at Orgasm
4. Are Orgasms Good for Your Health?
5. When Things Go Wrong
6. Diseases That Affect Orgasm
7. How Aging Affects Orgasm
8. Pleasure and Satisfaction with and without Orgasm
9. The Nervous System Connection
10. The Neurochemistry of Orgasm
11. Effects of Medication
12. Counteracting Medication Side Effects
13. Recreational Stimulant Drugs and Orgasm
14. Depressant Drugs and Orgasm
15. Herbal Therapies
16. Hormones and Orgasm
17. Mechanism of Action of Sex Steroids
18. Nonreproductive Hormones in Orgasm
19. Atypical Orgasms
20. The Genital-Brain Connection
21. Orgasms after Brain Surgery or Brain Damage
22. Imaging the Brain during Sexual Arousal and Orgasm
23. The Cast of Characters: How Brain Components Contribute to Orgasm
24. Consciousness and Orgasm