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Table Of Contents

Part I: Finding Ourselves
1. A Brief History of Timing
2. Going with the Flow
3. From Principia to Principe
4. The Attraction of Time
5. Fine-tuning Our Clocks
6. Around the World in 80 Hours (Give or Take)
Part II: Identity Crisis
7. One Strand
8. Two Strands
9. The First Rungs of the Ladder
10. Interchangeable Pieces
11. Igniting the Fuse
12. Breaking Down, Building Up
13. A Curious Boy
14. Copycat
15. Molecule of the Year
16. The Genetic Bread Machine
Part III: Finding a Hot Spot
17. A Universal "Hot Spot"
18. Classic Black
19. A Tunnel to Oblivion
20. Chasing Wild Geese
21. Going Wireless
22. Where Credit Is Due
23. Anatomy of a Successful Failure
Part IV: Pick Your Poison
24. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
25. Barking up the Right Tree
26. The Inside Story on Pain
27. A Bitter Sting
28. A Simple Question
29. The Gift of the Magus
Part V: Dreaming of the Star Treatment
30. Ingredients of the Stars
31. The Sun's Secret Recipe
32. Reading between the Lines
33. Through a Star Darkly
34. The Opacity Project
35. The Iron Lady and the Gold Standard
36. Therapy of the Stars

Science Unshackled
How Obscure, Abstract, Seemingly Useless Scientific Research Turned Out to Be the Basis for Modern Life
Publication Date: 15 Sep 2014
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 216 pages
ISBN: 9781421415000