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Searching for Health

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Searching for Health

The Smart Way to Find Information Online and Put It to Use

An insider's guide to searching online, communicating with your physician, and maximizing your health from a doctor who works at Google.

We've all been there. Late at night, staring into the glow of a phone trying to make sense of some health-related issue that we know nothing about. In Searching for Health, Dr. Kapil Parakh, with Anna Dirksen, brings to life knowledge he gained from working at Google and practicing medicine. Helping readers avoid common pitfalls, get the information they need, and partner effectively with their health team to figure out a path to good health together, the book distills decades of scientific research into a set of easy-to-follow tips. It also incorporates

• firsthand accounts of common challenges on the path to good health;
• an inside look at how doctors approach and assess health-related information;
• techniques that consumers can use to locate evidence-based information online, whether in blogs, social media postings, forums, or news stories;
• guidance on how individuals can make the best use of new technologies, such as health trackers and other applications;
• recommendations to help patients assess health information for themselves and make decisions based on what they find;
• brief summaries of the scientific studies underpinning the recommendations; and
• online and offline resources—including handy checklists and worksheets—to help readers prepare for appointments, discuss tough topics with their doctors, and take control of their health.

In addition to helping readers find evidence-based information online, the book provides insights into what you can expect from a visit to a doctor or hospital, how to make a decision about surgery or other treatment, what tests doctors will order, which symptom trackers are really effective, and what questions to ask about medications, supplements, and more. Searching for Health is a valuable resource for charting a healthier path through life.

Searching for Health
The Smart Way to Find Information Online and Put It to Use
Publication Date: 20 Apr 2021
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 192 pages
ISBN: 9781421440286