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Table Of Contents

1. My Italian Roots
2. New World: The Fulbright Fellowship
3. Introducing X-Ray Astronomy
4. The First Celestial X-Ray Source: Discovering Sco X-1
5. Plans and Progress in X-Ray Astronomy
6. The First Orbiting X-Ray Observatory: Uhuru
7. Breakthrough: The Uhuru Results
8. Constructing X-Ray Telescopes: Overcoming Technical and Institutional Hurdles
9. Plans for Space and Realities on the Ground: LOXT, Einstein, and NASA
10. The Einstein Results: Observation Collides with Theory
11. Transition: From American Science and Engineering to Harvard
12. The Hubble Space Telescope and the Space Telescope Science Institute
13. Paradigm Shift: The Space Telescope Science Institute at Work
14. The Space Telescope Science Institute: Launch Readiness and Its Finest Hour
15. Science at the Space Telescope Science Institute
16. The European Southern Observatory
14. Building the Very Large Telescope
18. The Role of ESO in Major European Astronomy Programs
19. Radio Astronomy on the Radar
20. First Loves and Last Words
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Name Index
Subject Index