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"Well-written and organized, Singh’s argument and evidence represent a substantive contribution to the study of military coups in particular and the study of political instability in developing countries more generally. He offers a parsimonious theory with a clear set of predictions about the dynamics and the outcomes of coups."

"Naunihal Singh’s highly original analysis of military coups rightly puts the dynamics within the military front and center. With a combination of methods and evidence from all over the world, Singh shows how the credibility of the coup plotters in the eyes of other officers largely determines whether the military sides with the coup and allows it to succeed or not. His book will change how we think of coups."

"Naunihal Singh spells out a simple, yet powerful insight: the best way to understand military coups is by focusing on their dynamics rather than their correlates. He then goes on to show that coup outcomes are best predicted through a coordination framework, rather than by analyzing them as military or popularity contests. Fascinating and comprehensive, Seizing Power is the best piece of social science research on military coups so far. It should be read by all those interested in the study of political violence."

"This is a truly insightful book on a subject—coups as means of seizing power—that has been little researched and written about. Naunihal Singh is a true pioneer in that regard, and we must commend him for making a unique contribution to military knowledge with this important, highly useful, and valuable book."

"Singh’s book is an informative read—even if you’re not planning a coup."

"A powerful book on military coups. Singh's argument is convincing and straightforward.... Impressive. This reviewer would not be surprised if Seizing Power quickly establishes itself as a must-read for students of coups and military politics in the years to come."

"An exceptional and sorely needed contribution to the literature on coups... Seizing Power also represents a useful companion to the study of civilian-military relations at a more general level... Singh ultimately delivers on crafting a novel theoretical insight along with a rich, layered research strategy to bolster his claims and advance our understanding of the dynamics of coup success or failure."