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Table Of Contents

List of Figures
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Chapter 1. Introduction

Part I. Geographical Distribution and Habitats
Chapter 2. Paleobiology
Chapter 3. Ranging across the Continents
Chapter 4. Ecological Niches

Part II. Physical Adaptations
Chapter 5. Morphology
Chapter 6. Physiological Adaptations
Chapter 7. Locomotion and Buoyancy

Part III. Feeding Ecology
Chapter 8. The Predators: Foraging Strategies and Niches
Chapter 9. The Prey: Predator-Prey Interactions

Part IV. Reproduction
Chapter 10. Mating and Offspring

Part V. Conservation Challenges and Management Approaches
Chapter 11. Status and Threats
Chapter 12. Introductions and Reintroductions
Chapter 13. Management Approaches

Appendix A. Taxonomic List of Semi-aquatic and Riparian-Dependent Mammals
Appendix B. Online Resources

Semi-aquatic Mammals
Ecology and Biology
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