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Sending Your Millennial to College

'Sending Your Millennial to College' cover image

Sending Your Millennial to College

A Parent's Guide to Supporting College Success

Send your child to college with all the tools they need to succeed.

Whether it is knowing when to ground your helicopter or park your snowplow, parenting a college student today means giving them the independence they need to make their own decisions. In this companion to his best-selling Dean's List: Ten Strategies for College Success, John Bader offers up key strategies for supporting your millennial as they enter this formative stage of their life.

Written with a wit and warmth by someone who has helped thousands of students through college—including his own children—Sending Your Millennial to College is just the book you need to figure out how to

• respect your child's independence while remaining engaged
• assist your daughter or son if they are struggling or need to regroup
• begin healthy and open conversations about the meaning of success
• support good study habits as your child transitions to a new life on campus
• remain thoughtful and empathetic as your child grows and changes

The book explores the causes of academic struggles, even among the best students at America's colleges and universities, and offers concrete ways to navigate back to success. Highlighting the difficult trade-offs and mixed messages parents often receive from a distant campus, Bader combines humor, useful anecdotes, and an expert perspective to guide families coping with the stresses of new academic challenges. Sending Your Millennial to College will help you ask good questions and develop a new—and fulfilling—relationship with your college student.