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"In Serpent in the Garden, Dr. James A. Cates draws on years of work within the Amish community to provide a much-needed professional perspective on the Amish understanding of sexuality and sexual behavior. Throughout, Cates treats this difficult subject with honesty and care. This groundbreaking work will be a valuable resource for clinicians, researchers, and professionals in diverse fields."

"Anabaptist sexuality is a subject that desperately needs more study. Serpent in the Garden takes an important step toward filling this gap. Scholars will converse with it for many years to come."

"In this fascinating and provocative book, Cates draws on decades of experience living and working alongside Plain People to explore the gendered and sexual dimensions of Amish life in all their spiritual and worldly complexity. A humble and humbling inquiry into an aspect of Amish life, and indeed American life, that is notoriously difficult to study."