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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. The Pilgrim Journey: Amish Discipline
Chapter 2. Peculiar People, Queer Theory
Chapter 3. The Birds and the Bees (and the Horses and the Cows): Learning about Sexuality
Chapter 4. "Knowing" One Another: Ramifications of the Physical Act
Chapter 5. Gender Roles: Housework and Harvesting
Chapter 6. Intimacy: The True Serpent in the Garden
Chapter 7. Suffer Little Children: Child Sexual Abuse
Chapter 8. Victorian's Secret: Paraphilias and the Amish
Chapter 9. The Love That Won't Shut Up: Sexual Minorities and the Amish
Epilogue. Rubbing Shoulders with Rahab: Emerging Views on Sexuality
A. Suggestions for Further Reading
B. Professional Interaction and Amish Sexuality
C. A Quick Guide to Other Plain Groups