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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Sex, Marriage, and Moral Order in Early America
Part I: Passionate Pilgrims
Chapter 1. " Chambering and Wantonising": Popular Sexual Mores in Seventeenth-Century New England
Chapter 2. "A Complete Body of Divinity": The Puritans and Sex
Chapter 3. "Pregnant with the Seeds of All Sin": Regulating Illicit Sex in Puritan New England
Part II: Sex and Civility
Chapter 4. "Living in a State of Nature": Sex, Marriage, and Southern Degenerates
Chapter 5. The Dangerous Allure of "Copper-Colored Beauties": Anglo-Indian Sexual Relations
Chapter 6. "The Chameleon Lover": Sex, Race, and Cultural Identity in the Colonial South
Part III: The Sexual Revolution
Chapter 7. "Under the Watch": The Metamorphosis of Sexual Regulation in Eighteenth-Century New England
Chapter 8. "A Hint to Young Ladies": Courtship, Sexual Danger, and Moral Agency in Revolutionary America
Chapter 9. "Martyrdom to Venus": Sexual Freedom in Post-Independence Philadelphia