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"This is a useful resource for any sexually active person or STD educator. Given the rapidly changing nature of this field, this second edition provides useful updated information."

"Marr, a physician specializing in the treatment of STDs, has written an excellent book that offers practical information on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of these infections... Marr's coverage of both gays and straights and use of case histories to teach make this an outstanding addition to all consumer health collections. Highly recommended."

"In the book's first part, [Marr] covers anatomy, offers basic information, and cites case histories that have a personal ring... She shows how a moment's exposure can wreck a life, distinguishes between intercourse and 'outercourse,' and offers a down-to-earth chapter on what 'safe' sex really involves. In the encyclopedic second part, she describes in detail what each disease is, its prevalence and its symptoms; how it is transmitted; diagnostic tests for it; and treatments of it... An authoritative book that speaks clearly to a broad range of readers."

"Accurate, well and clearly written, and well referenced."