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Contents and Contributors: Foreword, William C. Hamlett • Systematics and Body Form, Leonard J. V. Compagno • Integumentary System and Teeth, Norman E. Kemp • Endoskeleton, Leonard J. V. Compagno • Muscular System, Karel F. Liem, Adam P. Summers, and Quentin Bone • Digestive System, Suzanne Holmgren and Stephan Nilsson • Respiratory System, P. J. Butler • Circulatory System, Ramon Muñoz-Chapuli and Geoffrey H. Satchell • The Heart, Bruno Tota • Nervous System, Michael H. Hoffman • Special Senses, Horst Bleckmann and Michael H. Hoffman • The Rectal Gland and Volume Homeostasis, Kenneth R. Olson • The Urinary System, Enrico Reale and Eric Lacy • Female Reproductive System, William C. Hamlett and Thomas J. Koob • Male Reproductive System, William C. Hamlett

Sharks, Skates, and Rays
The Biology of Elasmobranch Fishes
Publication Date: 21 May 1999
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Page Count: 528 pages
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ISBN: 9780801860485
Subject: Life Sciences