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"A wonderful book made even better."

"A bible for all interested in ancient ships, shipbuilding, and sailing techniques... it is a standard reference for every student of ancient history, not only for those interested in maritime matters."

"Lionel Casson's scholarship is impeccable and he adds data from underwater archaeological research. In this paperback edition much new material is included..The remarkable performance of the Kyrenia ship replica, for example, will facinate any sailing reader. Clearly they were nautical experts, these Kyrenia seafarers of 300 BC!"

"Casson is one of those rare individuals able to make a highly technical subject not only understandable to the general reader, but interesting as well... This is unquestionably the finest general reference on the subject of ancient seafaring; copiously illustrated, erudite, and always readable, [it] belongs in the library of anyone with even a passing interest in the roots of maritime enterprise."

"This fine book... should remain the standard authority on ancient ships for many years to come."

"A comprehensive and up-to-date work of reference... [Casson's] extremely thorough study of representations of boats and vessels is complemented by his vast knowledge of text references."