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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
Chapter 1. Floats, Rafts, and the Earliest Boats
Chapter 2. Egypt and Mesopotamia
Chapter 3. The Eastern Mediterranean: 3000–1000 B.C.
Chapter 4. The Eastern Mediterranean: 1000-500 B.C.
Chapter 5. The Age of the Trireme: 500–323 B.C.
Chapter 6. The Warships of the Hellenistic Age: 323–31 B.C.
Chapter 7. The Roman Imperial and Byzantine Navies
Chapter 8. Merchant Galleys
Chapter 9. Sailing Ships
Chapter 10. Shipbuilding
Chapter 11. Rudder, Rigging, Miscellaneous Equipment
Chapter 12. Seasons and Winds, Sailing, Rowing, Speed
Chapter 13. Officers and Men
Chapter 14. Small Craft
Chapter 15. Markings and Names
Chapter 16. Harbors
List of Abbreviations
Glossary of Nautical Terms
Glossary of Greek and Latin Terns
Addenda and Corrigenda