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"...A Short History of Medicine is a useful resource for those interested in studying Western medicine."

"Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through researchers and faculty; professionals and practitioners."

"In the publication A Short History of Medicine by Erwin H. Ackernect, Revised and Expanded, the author gives a relatively concise, but demanding exploration and examination of the background of medicine... The potential lifesaving and life-enhanching information regarding this vital concern is highly recommended for the enlightenment and the education of the reader."

"Both as an account of the past and as an object of study, then, A Short History of Medicine is a book with which it is well worth engaging."

"... the combination of his guide to Western medical developments, Rosenberg’s foreword and essay and Haushofer’s bibliographical essay, should ensure that Ackerknecht’s A Short History of Medicine continues to warrant a place on our reading lists, especially for those courses directed at medical students."

"...concise and engaging..."

"A concise, readable, and authoritative introduction to the history of medicine."

"At first glance it seems inconceivable that a historian could, in a brief text, adequately capture the history of medicine from primitive times through early civilizations, classical antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and up to the mid-twentieth century. Edwin H. Ackerknecht accomplishes this task and he does it with verve, clarity, and style."

"This History fills a real gap. The author has succeeded in presenting the history of medicine in a well-balanced way that makes fascinating reading. In all this is a well-rounded book which [should be] in every medical student's hands."

A Short History of Medicine
Publication Date: 1 May 2016
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 272 pages
Illustrations: 22 halftones, 1 line drawing
ISBN: 9781421419541