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"A lively and erudite storyteller, Sleigh vividly portrays the fluidity between scientific genres and between the sciences and the humanities... reading the book is like peering into an ant farm to watch the construction of an intricate and complex nest."

"A provocative, complex account of a multifaceted period of cultural history. There is material here that will lead to a great deal of reflection by historians and scientists alike."

"Impressive for its depth and detail."

"interesting and readable."

"The scholarship will form an excellent starting point for all future studies in this area."

"Rich with information... I recommend this book."

"Sleigh provides great insight... I recommend this book."

"Her book as a whole is a treasure of insights about science and metaphor."

"Certainly, Sleigh's book provides an excellent resource for understanding the background of the historical connections between the study of ants and the study of humanity."

"In an elegant writing style... she draws upon an impressive body of material."