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"Steve Huskey feeds our fascination with the vast diversity of animals through beautiful photographs of skeletons he meticulously prepared. Accompanied by informative and up-to-date descriptions of the animals and their lives, this book reveals the remarkable evolutionary variety in animal body plans."

"In these pages, the vertebrate skeleton becomes an inspiration. Skeletons are sources of beauty, wonder, and knowledge about the natural world. Here, we see and learn about them in their full glory."

"I have admired Steve Huskey's magnificent skeletal preparations for fifteen years. To now see them assembled in a book is a rare treat. This stunning visual collection could only have been pulled together by someone who is both thoroughly grounded in anatomy and artistically talented. The diversity of vertebrate skeletons is displayed with a keen eye for composition. It is the best book on the vertebrate skeleton I have encountered in a long while."

"I enjoy a good museum exhibit, but I admit I’ve often found skeletal displays to be static, lacking much connection to the real animal. That’s why The Skeleton Revealed immediately caught my attention. Here are vertebrate skeletons displayed showing their form and function."

"Look at this wonderful "picture book" for the images and read it for its informed skeletal biology and natural history... Highly Recommended. All Readers"

The Skeleton Revealed
An Illustrated Tour of the Vertebrates
Publication Date: 15 Feb 2017
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Page Count: 360 pages
Illustrations: 192 b&w photos
ISBN: 9781421421483