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"An indispensable addition to the canon of African herpetological literature. Before now, such information was only available in a variety of places; this book brings it all together. In addition to the species accounts, it gives a succinct overview of some most important topics: identification of the region's snakes, their evolution and biogeography, and snakebite in Africa. Every herpetologist, naturalist, and conservationist with an interest in African snake fauna will want a copy."

"Chippaux and Jackson detail the identification, distribution, and natural history of nearly 300 species of snakes found across 25 African countries that together cover more than 13 million km2 (or 5 million m2). Everyone from specialists in African biodiversity to those simply excited by the diversity of these fantastic animals will enjoy this remarkable synthesis. It is an important publication for our field."

"An outstanding resource for anyone interested in Africa's astonishing diversity of ophidians and an invaluable guide to snake taxonomic characters in general. Meticulously researched and generously illustrated, this book will be an essential guide for any student of African herpetology."

"[Chippaux and Jackson] combine their capabilities to produce a comprehensive volume with accounts for nearly 300 species of snakes from the west and central African region. The book is intended as an identification guide for both the seasoned herpetologist as well as the beginner... For those working in the region and needing to identify specimens, the book would surely be a valuable addition to one's reference library."

Snakes of Central and Western Africa
Publication Date: 18 Jun 2019
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 7" x 10"
Page Count: 448 pages
Illustrations: 429 color photos, 155 maps
ISBN: 9781421427195