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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Identification of African Snakes
Chapter 2. Evolution of African Snakes
Chapter 3. Biogeography of African Snakes
Chapter 4. Snakebite in Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 5. Families Typhlopidae and Leptotyphlopidae
Chapter 6. Families Boidae and Pythonidae
Chapter 7. Family Viperidae
Chapter 8. Family Elapidae
Chapter 9. Family Lamprophiidae: Subfamilies Atractaspidinae and Aparallactinae
Chapter 10. Family Lamprophiidae: Subfamilies Lamprophiinae, Pseudoxyrhophiinae, and Pseudaspidinae
Chapter 11. Family Lamprophiidae: Subfamilies Psammophiinae and Prosymninae
Chapter 12. Family Colubridae: Subfamily Natricinae
Chapter 13. Family Colubridae: Subfamilies Colubrinae and Grayiinae