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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Why This Story Needs to Be Told
1. Meeting Lucymemsahib and Starting Our Project
2. The Organization of Our Project
3. The Pakistan Nursing Council: A Dead End
4. The Allama Iqbal Open University's Bureau of University Extensions and Special Programs
5. The Women's Division: A Brief Encounter of the Worst Kind
6. The Population Welfare Division: To Be or Not to Be...
7. Regional Training Institutes and Other Such Things
8. A Day in the Life of a Provincial Health Department
9. The UNICEF and UNDP Workshop and the SindhSAP Proposal
10. The Punjab Proposal and the Firing of the Learned Dr.Sahiba:... And That's the Way It Is...
11. The Immunization Program in the North-West Frontier Province
12. Bank's World: Witches' Oil and Lizards' Tails
13. Packed, Sealed, and Delivered: Our Project Is Finished—in More Ways Than One
Epilogue: The Beat Goes On...