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Social Movements for Global Democracy

'Social Movements for Global Democracy' cover image

Social Movements for Global Democracy

Honorable Mention, 2010 Book Award, Global Division, Society for the Study of Social Problems

Honorable Mention, 2010 PEWS Book Award, Political Economy of the World-System section of the American Sociological Association

This groundbreaking study sheds new light on the struggle to define the course of globalization. Synthesizing extensive research on transnational activism, Social Movements for Global Democracy shows how transnational networks of social movement activists—democratic globalizers—have worked to promote human rights and ecological sustainability over the predominant neoliberal system of economic integration.

Using case studies of recent and ongoing campaigns for global justice, Jackie Smith provides valuable insight into whether and how these activists are succeeding. She argues that democratic globalizers could be more effective if they presented a united front organized around a global vision that places human rights and ecological stability foremost and if they were to directly engage governments and the United Nations.

Illuminating the deep-seated struggles between two visions of globalization, Smith reveals a network of activists who have long been working to democratize the global political system.