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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
Introduction: The Global Aesthetics of Poetic Voice
1. Thomas Gray, Virtual Authorship, and the Performed Voice
Authoring Gray's "Elegy"
Performing Gray's "Elegy"
Impersonating the Bard?
Wildness and Welsh Prosody
Quotation Marks
(Un)Editing the Bards
2. Wales, Public Poetry, and the Politics of Collective Voice
Bardic Nationalism Reconsidered
The Aboriginal Aesthetics of Iolo Morganwg
Listening to the Welsh Past
Dead Voices Reanimated
3. Scotland and the Invention of Voice
Primitive Passions, Poetry Addiction, History
Ambiguous Speech
Writing, Re- performance, and Restored Voices
Intimate Hailing
Ossian's Afterlife
4. Impersonating Native Voices in Anglo- Indian Poetry
William Jones and the Fountainhead of Verse
Making the Subaltern Speak
Rewriting Gray's "The Bard" in India
Dislocated Orientalism
Coda: Reading the Archive of the Inauthentic

Sounding Imperial
Poetic Voice and the Politics of Empire, 1730–1820
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