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"Demonstrating that US aviation policy emerged from a context of debates over the power of the federal government and the need for the United States to operate within an established global framework, Sovereign Skies is an original and significant contribution to the fields of aviation history and the history of government regulation. Aviation historians, as well as anyone interested in the history of federal regulations, will want to read this deeply researched book."

"A detailed and fascinating account of how features of the airplane itself—its capacity to cross state and national borders quickly and unimpeded—eventually engendered a federal regulatory regime that stimulated commerce, protected national security, ensured public safety, and was compatible with international air traffic agreements."

"Although the origins of US domestic aviation policy are well known, Sean Seyer extends this understanding to the creation of the international aviation regime. Drawing on a broad range of sources, Seyer offers a compelling analysis of the international protocols establishing and regulating air routes, navigation systems, and a host of other issues making aerial operations possible."

"Well-written and researched, Sovereign Skies is an insightful study of the origins of US civil aviation policy in the 1920s. It presents a broader understanding of how flight became a regulated part of everyday life and accomplishes that within both a national and international context."