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Table Of Contents

Introduction: The "Age of Reason" and the Specter of Skepticism

Part 1: The Spectrum of Anti-Skepticism
Chapter 1: The Walking Ignorant: The Skeptical "Epidemic" in the Eighteenth Century
Chapter 2: Pierre Bayle—Bete Noire and the Elusive Skeptic
Chapter 3: The Specter of Bayle Returns to Haunt France
Chapter 4: Secret Skepticism: Huet’s Fideistic Fumbles
Chapter 5: A New Hope: The Critics of Pyrrhonism Strike Back
Chapter 6: The Berlin Compromise: Mitigated Skepticism and Probability
Part II: Disciplining Doubt
Chapter 7: Matter over mind: Dualism, Materialism, and Skepticism in Eighteenth-Century Epistemology
Chapter 8: A Matter of Debate: Conceptions of Material Substance in the "Scientific Revolution"
Chapter 9: War of the Worlds: Cartesian Vortices and Newtonian Gravitation in Eighteenth-Century Astronomy
Chapter 10: Historical Pyrrhonism and its Discontents