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"This book is full of wonderful surprises: an entire heritage of violence compressed in the cinematic images of a notorious murder trial; the contradictions and transformations of the post-World War II period summed up in Jackie Robinson's career; the South's persistent wild side embodied in stock-car racing and rock 'n' roll. Standing at the Crossroads should make compelling reading for natives and outlanders alike."

"Pete Daniel illuminates, with marvelous precision, the economic, social, and cultural contours of life in the modern South. Skillfully interweaving insights on rock and country music with discussions of rural farm life, racial confrontation, and the emergence of the Sun Belt, Daniel helps us come to grips with what has been lost—and gained—through the South's road to modernization."

Standing at the Crossroads
Southern Life in the Twentieth Century
Publication Date: 29 Nov 1996
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 259 pages
ISBN: 9780801854958