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"Heitmann and Morales are absolutely correct—the history of stealing cars is a theme almost absent from historical works, including works that deal specifically with the automobile in America. This book is an important addition to the literature, and I am impressed by how many sides of the subject the authors examine and by the range of historical materials they have researched and cited."

"This volume tells a social and cultural history of auto theft — honest — and it does so remarkably well."

"Stealing Cars; Technology & Society from the Model T to the Gran Torino provides a fine study of auto theft and culture, and examines a range of topics to include motives, methods, and more. Studies of transportation issues have typically focused on auto manufacturing history, so it's refreshing to see a treatment that considers users and the automobile's role in American life."

"Stealing Cars fills a lacuna in the historical literature on the automobile. Thus, this is a thoughtful, useful study."

"Full of good history and excellent research... Heitmann and Morales mix in just enough psychology, sociology, and talk of morals, sex, and love of speed to make the work educational but not didactic. All auto enthusiasts should get this book. Highly recommended."

"Heitmann and Morales have added to a better and broader understanding of both crime and the automobile in American life and have pointed to other fruitful avenues for exploration."

"A well-written and well-conceived introduction to an important aspect of modern automobility. Novices drawn to the topic will disocver many rich investigative opporutnities; more seasoned automotive academics can synthesize these observations into the growing field of "user" studies."

"It is easy to recommend this book to readers, from historians and professionals interested in automobile topics to a general audience looking for a good read."

Stealing Cars
Technology and Society from the Model T to the Gran Torino
Publication Date: 1 May 2014
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 232 pages
Illustrations: 8 halftones, 5 line drawings
ISBN: 9781421412979