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Table Of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments
Abbreviations and Conventions
1. Introduction
2. The Shaming of Abdan (Yevamot 105b)
3. Ilfa's Desperate Challenge (Taanit 21a)
4. Honi's Long Sleep (Taanit 23a)
5. R. Tsadoq's Firstling: Genesis of a Talmudic Story (Berakhot 27b–28a, Bekhorot 36a)
6. A Warning to Disciples: Manners and Mutilation (Hagigah 3a–b)
7. A Warning to Masters: Rebuff and Rejection (Sotah 47a)
8. Stammaitic Astrology (Shabbat 156b)
9. Theodicy and Torah (Menahot 29b)
10. Conclusion
Appendix: Texts in Hebrew and Aramaic
Selected Bibliography
General Index
Source Index

Stories of the Babylonian Talmud
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