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Table Of Contents

Part I: Finding Out: Genetics and Ideas of Self
Chapter 1. Undiagnosed
Chapter 2. Driving North
Chapter 3. Collateral Damage
Chapter 4. In Samarra
Chapter 5. The Unnumbered
Part II: Intervening: Living with Genetic Difference
Chapter 6. Of Helices, HIPAA, Hairballs... and Humans
Chapter 7. The Power of Two: Two Sisters, Two Genes, and Two New Chances at Life
Chapter 8. Permission to Look: Documenting the BRCA Mutation
Chapter 9. "Why Would You Be Wantin' to Know?" Not Talking about Schizophrenia in Ireland
Chapter 10. Help Wanted
Chapter 11. Community and Other Ordinary Miracles
Part III: Passing Down: Genetics and Family
Chapter 12. String Theory, or How One Family Listens Through Deafness
Chapter 13. What If
Chapter 14. The Long Arm
Chapter 15. Lettuce and Shoes
Chapter 16. Dear Dr. Frankenstein: Creation Up Close
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