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About the Authors
Part I. Why Mergers in Higher Ed?
Chapter 1. Pursuing Sustainability, Breadth, and Excellence through Scale
Chapter 2. Why Mergers Now?
Chapter 3. Mergers as an Organizational Tactic
Chapter 4. History and Global Experience
Chapter 5. Drivers and Categories of Mergers in Higher Education
Chapter 6. Success and Failure: Predictors and Metrics
Part II. Increasing the Odds of Merger Success in Higher Ed
Chapter 7. The Seven Essential Elements for Merger Success
Chapter 8. Evaluating the Stakes When Considering Mergers
Chapter 9. Finding, Evaluating, and Choosing Merger Partners
Chapter 10. Negotiating the Merger
Chapter 11. Communicating in a Merger
Chapter 12. Leadership, Resources, and Managing Opposition
Part III. Effectively Executing Mergers in Higher Ed
Chapter 13. Merging Organizational Units in a Context-Sensitive Manner
Chapter 14. Managing Institutional Legal, Corporate, and Regulatory Obligations in a Merger
Chapter 15. Project Management in a Merger
Chapter 16. Creating and Managing the Brand: Who Do You Want to Be?
Chapter 17. Aftermath: As Much a Beginning as an End
Part IV. Looking to the Future
Chapter 18. The Role of Mergers in Institutional Strategy
Appendix A. Mergers Occurring from 2000 to 2016 and Included in Analysis
Appendix B. Example Functional Areas for Integration Using Project Management during a Merger
Appendix C. Example Standardized Forms Used for Project Management during a Merger

Strategic Mergers in Higher Education
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