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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. New Shores: Creating a Biography on the Fly
Chapter 2. Portrait of the Young Engineer as an Artist
Chapter 3. The Artist (and Others) Shape the Things to Come
Chapter 4. Birth of a Salesman: Cold Calls, Clients, and Creativity
Chapter 5. Big Engines: Emergence of a Design Genius
Chapter 6. Constructing an Image while Building a Business
Chapter 7. Engines of Industry: Tractors, Tour Buses, and Ships
Chapter 8. Studebaker Beginnings: Internal Combustion, Internal Dissention, External Design
Chapter 9. The Starliner Coupe: Studebaker’s Breakthrough Design
Chapter 10. Avanti: Car Design Leaps Forward
Chapter 11. Becoming a Businessman: Building an Industry
Chapter 12. The Sales Curve Wanes
Chapter 13. The Long Road Down
Chapter 14. Legacy