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Table Of Contents

Foreword, by Hugh P. Possingham
1 Decision Analysis for Managing Public Natural Resources
Michael C. Runge and Ellen A. Bean
Part 1. Structuring Decisions
2 Introduction to Structuring Decisions
David R. Smith
3 Allocating Funds under the National Fish Habitat Action Plan
Michael C. Runge
4 Keeping Hawai'i's Forest Birds One Step Ahead of Disease in a Warming World
Eben H. Paxton and Jim Kraus
Part 2. Addressing Trade-Offs
5 Introduction to Multi-criteria Decision Analysis
Sarah J. Converse
6 Strategic Conservation of an Imperiled Freshwater Mussel, the Dwarf Wedgemussel, in North Carolina
David R. Smith and Sarah E. McRae
7 Spawning Closures for Coral Reef Fin Fish
Terry Walshe and Stephanie Slade
8 Managing Water for Oil Sands Mining
Dan W. Ohlson, Andrew J. Paul, and Graham E. Long
Part 3. Addressing Resource Allocation
9 Introduction to Resource Allocation
James E. Lyons
10 Resource Allocation for Coastal Wetland Management: Confronting Uncertainty about Sea-Level Rise
James E. Lyons, Kevin S. Kalasz, Gregory Breese, and Clint W. Boal
11 Reserve Network Design for Prairie-Dependent Taxa in South Puget Sound
Sarah J. Converse, Beth Gardner, and Steven Morey
12 Optimizing Resource Allocation for Managing a Shrub Invading Alpine Peatlands in Australia
Joslin L. Moore and Charlie Pascoe
Part 4. Addressing Risk
13 Introduction to Risk Analysis
Michael C. Runge and Sarah J. Converse
14 Addressing Disease Risk to Develop a Health Program for Bighorn Sheep in Montana
Sarah N. Sells, Michael S. Mitchell, and Justin A. Gude
15 Hedging against Uncertainty When Granting Permits for Mitigation
Jean Fitts Cochrane, Taber D. Allison, and Eric V. Lonsdorf
16 Dealing with Risk Attitudes in Supplementary Feeding of Mauritius Olive White-Eyes
Stefano Canessa, Christelle Ferrière, Nicolas Zuël, and John G. Ewen
Part 5. Addressing Knowledge Gaps
17 Introduction to Prediction and the Value of Information
David R. Smith
18 Developing Performance Criteria for a Population Model for Indiana Bat Conservation
Jennifer A. Szymanski and Lori B. Pruitt
19 Using a Research Experiment to Reduce Key Uncertainty about Managing Vernal Pool Habitats for Obligate Amphibian Species
Adam W. Green and Larissa L. Bailey
20 Prioritizing Uncertainties to Improve Management of a Reintroduction Program
Sarah J. Converse
Part 6. Addressing Linked and Dynamic Decisions
21 Introduction to Linked and Dynamic Decisions
Michael C. Runge
22 Restoration of Wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region
Victoria M. Hunt, Melinda G. Knutson, and Eric V. Lonsdorf
23 An Adaptive Approach to Vegetation Management in Native Prairies of the Northern Great Plains
Clinton T. Moore, Jill J. Gannon, Terry L. Shaffer, and Cami S. Dixon
24 Decision Implementation and the Double-Loop Process in Adaptive Management of Horseshoe Crab Harvest in Delaware Bay
Conor P. McGowan, James E. Lyons, and David R. Smith

Structured Decision Making
Case Studies in Natural Resource Management
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