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"A superb study. Yates provides a well-constructed and convincing study of the application of computer systems to business functioning, the people who brought about the change, and the specific gains in insurance from that application. An excellent contribution to the literature on business history and the history of technology."

"JoAnne Yates writes with impressive clarity about the incredibly complex origins of the information age. By focusing on the life insurance industry and by stressing both continuity and change, she provides a key to understanding the crucial relationship between technology vendors and users."

"Structuring the Information Age makes educating reading and is an important contribution to our understanding of the connection between past and present in the transformation of socio-economic systems."

"Brilliant volume... Yate's study of the adaptation of information-processing resources in insurance has greatly widened the horizons of our understanding of the dynamics of technological development in a business setting. "

"Yates has contributed another original study to the history of information technology."

"A welcome addition to a growing body of literature on the history of the use of computers by businesses, and a good model for other scholars to use."

"Structuring the Information Age examines the history of information technology in the United States by shifting focus away from the producers of that technology and toward a kind of end user that has heretofore received little attention—large-scale corporations, which easily rank among the leading information-technology (it) consumers."

"This timely and important work is the first scholarly history devoted to the use of information technology within a single American industry."

"This valuable addition to the historiography of the computer looks at new technologies from a user’s viewpoint. Here the user is the life insurance business, which is an appropriate choice because it has always been an information-intense business."

"Structuring the Information Age will interest two types of readers: those who are concerned with the development, adoption, and impact of technology and those who are concerned with the growth, strategies, and economic influence of business organizations."