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Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Volume 31

Throughout the eighteenth century, shifts in political power and social structures were making their way across Europe and into the New World. In this volume of Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, editors Ourida Mostefai and Catherine Ingrassia have brought together four clusters of related essays that explore the complexities of national and international identity in light of these changes, integrating such diverse fields of scholarship as women's studies, literary theory, and art history. Topics addressed range from gambling and the relationship between money and power to the way that portrayals of peasantry in art and literature helped to shape the French national identity.

James E. Evans, "'A Sceane of Uttmost Vanity': The Spectacle of Gambling in Late Stuart Culture"
Beth Kowaleski Wallace, "A Modest Defense of Gaming Women"
Catherine Keohane, "'Spare from your Luxuries': Women, Charity, and Spending in the Eighteenth Century"
Brijraj Singh, "'One Soul, tho' not one Soyl': International Protestantism and Ecumenism at the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century"
Daniel J. Ennis, "Poetry and American Revolutionary Identity: The Case of Phillis Wheatley and John Paul Jones"
Leanne Maunu, "Quelling the French Threat in Frances Burney's Evelina
Reginald McGinnis: "The Critique of Originality in French Letters"
John R. Iverson, "The First French Literary Centenary: National Sentiment and the Molière Celebration of 1773"
Joe Johnson, "Philosophical Reflection, Happiness and Male Friendship in Prévost's Manon Lescaut"
J. David Macey, Jr., " Et in Arcadia Ego?: Thomas Amory, Mary Hamilton, and the (Re)Construction of Arcadia"
Howard Irving, "John Marsh and the Ancient-Modern Polemic"
Amy Wyngaard, "Revising Rousseau: Young Legrand d'Aussy and the Challenge to Enlightenment Constructions of the Peasantry, 1787-1794"

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture
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