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Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Volume 41

This volume's essays focus on the relationships between texts and readers, images and viewers, performance and audience during the Enlightenment in France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and North America. The essays range from exploring the effects of rococo space on religious experience to analyzing the transmission of texts across national and temporal boundaries.

Contributors and Contents:

Michael Yonan, The Wieskirche: Movement, Perception, and Salvation in the Bavarian Rococo

Sandro Jung, Thomas Stothard, Illustration, and the Royal Engagement Pocket Atlas, 1779–1826

Hector Reyes, Drawing and History in the Comte de Caylus’ Recueil d’antiquités

Marc H. Lerner, William Tell’s Atlantic Travels in the Revolutionary Era

Katrin Berndt, Civic Virtues in the Restless Polity: Sir Walter Scott’s Fergusonian Vision of British Civil Society in Redgauntlet (1824)

Danielle Spratt, Gulliver’s Economized Body: Colonial Projects and the Human/Animal Divide in the Travels

Julie Henigan, Print and Oral Culture in the Eighteenth-Century Irish Ballad

David A. Brewer, Print, Performance, Personhood, Polly Honeycombe

Zeina Hakim, Whose Story? The Game of Fiction in Early Eighteenth-Century French Literature

Dorothee Birke, Between Direction and Diversion: Chapter Titles in English Novels of the Mid-Eighteenth Century

Catherine Keohane, Ann Yearsley’s Clifton Hill and Its Lessons in Reading

Jennifer Germann, Tracing Marie-Éléonore Godefroid: Women’s Artistic Networks in Early Nineteenth-Century Paris