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Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Volume 42

Volume 42 explores material culture, the visual arts, literature, opera, and the stage during the long eighteenth century in France, Britain, the Americas, and China. These essays examine encounters between Europe and the Americas, the Orient and the Occident, as well as the challenges of translation. Several authors analyze the role of gender in literature and life, exploring themes of intimacy, interiority, authority, and knowledge.

1. Christopher M. S. Johns, "Erotic Spirituality and the Catholic Revival in Napoleonic Paris: The Curious History of Antonio Canova's Penitent Magdalene"

2. Jeffrey M. Leichman, "Beaumarchais' Revolution: Genre, Politics, and Theatricality in La Mère coupable"

3. Ed Goehring, "The Jesuit and the Libertine: Some early reception of Mozart's Don Giovanni"

4. Kristina Kleutghen, "Staging Europe: Theatricality and Painting at the Chinese Imperial Court"

5. Ana Elena González Treviño, "'Kings and their crowns': signs of monarchy and the spectacle of New World otherness in heroic drama and public pageantry"

6. Annie Smart, "Re-Reading Nature and Exoticism in Chateaubriand's Voyage en Amérique: A Case for the Biophilia Effect"

7. Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, "Beauty and the Beast: Animals in the Visual and Material Culture of the Toilette"

8. Hector Reyes, "Drawing and History in the Comte de Caylus' Recueil d'antiquités"

9. Laura Miller, "Publishers and Gendered Readership in English-Language Editions of Il Newtonianismo per le Dame"

10. Heidi Bostic, "Graffigny's Self, Graffigny's Friend: Intimate Sharing in the Correspondance 1750–52"

11. Julie Park, "The Poetics of Enclosure in Sense and Sensibility"

12. Caroline Austin Bolt, "Mediating Happiness: Performances of Jane Austen's Narrators"

13. Kate C. Hamilton, "She 'Came up Stairs into the World:' Elizabeth Barry and Restoration Celebrity"